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Your Last Will and Testament

One of your most important documents – Your Last Will and Testament

The day we leave our loved ones behind is a day we never want to think about, it’s human nature. However, having your affairs in order will ease the burden on your loved ones as they mourn your loss.
You might ask, what is required to ensure my affairs are in order for when you die?
Having a valid and up to date Last Will and Testament will ensure your affairs are in order and help protect your family’s financial future.
Estate planning forms an integral part of the drafting of your Will as it considers all of your financial affairs and sets structures in place to manage these most efficiently, while you are alive and distributing these assets when you pass away. Through estate planning, estate duty, and possible tax implications for your heirs can be minimised. It also assists with the administrative burden of tying up your deceased Estate.
Dying without a valid Will has a significant lasting impact on your remaining loved ones as you forfeit the freedom of deciding what transpires with your estate, which means your estate will be allocated in terms of pre-determined legislation. Your loved ones can face financial and legal challenges and disputes that could last for years before any inheritance is distributed.
One of the things you cannot control is how or when you will pass away, but you CAN control how your assets are distributed after you die. Do not wait until it is too late.
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