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SARS Auto Assessments

In the 2020 income tax year filing season the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has embarked on a NEW system of issuing auto-assessments. This is designed for taxpayer’s who receive income and deductions which are reflected on tax certificates issued by third parties and then submitted to SARS. It is designed to streamline and benefit the SARS system and not necessarily your particular income tax scenario.
Interesting to note that SARS eFiling is an independent entity and merely interfaces with the SARS “core system” and so the potential for errors occurring always remains a possibility.
In this regard you may have already received or will receive an SMS informing you that your return is one of those lucky few selected for auto-assessment and that you will be receiving a refund or have an amount due to SARS or even luckier that you not owe them anything at all!
We strongly advise that you do not simply accept the SARS auto-assessment on SARS eFiling or the SARS MobiApp and rather allow us to review your auto-assessment and ensure that the refund or payment is in fact correct.
We would also like to ensure that you are perhaps not due a greater refund or smaller payment due to SARS and ensuring that you have taken advantage of all possible deductions available to you; as ultimately who is better at looking after your money, SARS or you?
Omne News
Omne News
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