With most companies entering their new financial year on 1 March, it may be the perfect time to outsource your payroll function. We are offering a one-off promotion: sign up with Omne to process your payroll from 1 March 2022, and you will receive:

  • Free onboarding and setup of your payroll; and
  • A 50% discount for the first three months.


For most businesses, payroll is a non-core function, but still an essential process. Tax and labour legislation governing payroll is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to fully comply with. Besides legal compliance, optimising your remuneration and payroll structures is critical to ensure the most tax-efficient way of paying employees, or yourself as the owner of the business.

Outsourcing your payroll also improves the confidentiality of highly sensitive staff remuneration. It ensures the employer is not reliant on a single individual to manage the payroll and instead provides you with continuity and access to a team of experts. This saves time, improves security, maintains segregation of duties, ensures compliance, and mitigates the possibility of fraud. Outsourcing your payroll allows you to focus on your core business, rather than the administrative burden of managing your payroll and the headaches that go with it.


Omne provides a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service designed to relieve small and medium-sized enterprises from the burden of running a legally compliant payroll. Our service includes:

Initial once-off setup:

  • Organisation structure setup includes hierarchy levels, employee grades, and positions.
  • Set
    up of your company’s payroll, catering for your relevant payroll cycles
    (monthly, fortnightly, and weekly) and creating employee master files
    for each employee.
  • Review remuneration structures to ensure compliance with tax legislation and other statutory requirements.
  • Attend to your payslip and reporting requirements.

Recurring services:

  • Preparation of the payroll, which includes processing overtime, staff loans, bonuses, cash advances, garnishee orders, and other ad-hoc transactions.
  • Administering and maintenance of medical aid, pension/provident fund contributions, group life, disability insurance, and funeral cover.
  • Leave administration.
  • Preparation of bank EFT files for the payment of employees’ net salaries, as well as the initiation of the EMP201 monthly payment.
  • Monthly payroll reporting by cost center.
  • Monthly completion and submission of the EMP201 return for PAYE, SDL and UIF, and electronic submission of the UIF declaration to the Department of Labour.
  • Integration with Xero accounting to automate payroll journals, and the costing of salary-related provisions such as leave pay provisions.
  • Preparation and submission of the biannual EMP501 declarations to SARS (South Africa Revenue Services).
  • Generation of the annual electronic IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates, as required by SARS.
  • Completion and submission of the annual Return of Earnings to the Department of Labour for Workmen’s Compensation


We use PaySpace cloud payroll software that integrates directly into Xero accounting for a seamless experience. The cloud solution means you and your designated employees can access your payroll from anywhere, at any time, and from any desktop or mobile device. It also means the payroll is always kept seamlessly up to date with legislative changes and feature updates.

Our PaySpace payroll solution offers a fully integrated leave management solution, including unlimited leave types and catering for multiple structures included in employment contracts. Also considered are different rules, such as length of service, employee grades/levels and forfeitures. In addition, PaySpace integrates directly with Simply life insurers, allowing us to easily obtain quotes and administer your employees’ life insurance, disability, and funeral cover on your behalf.

PaySpace has a secure self-service portal where employees can:

  • Access all historic payslips, as well as IRP5 and IT3(a) employee tax certificates;
  • Apply for, approve (managers), and view leave balances; and
  • Update their basic information.



Our payroll service allows you to focus on your strengths, knowing that your payroll is efficiently, confidentially, reliably, and legally handled by an experienced tax and payroll team. For a set monthly fee, payroll will become a hassle-free experience. 


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