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I’m an artist, I do paperwork but it is not my forte. What I found with Omne is something which is a lot more personal. I feel that they are a very important part of my business. It has enabled me to focus on what i am good at. 

Bruce Little Originals  

Accounting and Tax Services

Absolutely recommend Candice and her team, Professional, innovative and up-to-date as well as timely, detailed and efficient. They listen to your needs making the best possible decision for each individual scenario. Highly recommended! 

Charmaine De Klerk

De Klerk and De Villiers Insurance Brokers
Accounting and Tax Services

We were looking to find a local and dynamic team of accountants and Omne have been just that. They have successfully assisted us in moving over to Xero which has made bookkeeping simple, accurate and effective. They took the time to try and understand our unique business and offer great advice and ideas. I would without a doubt recommend the team of innovative and experienced accountants at Omne. 

Alexandra Soulé

E’Scape Airtours Charters and Transfers (Pty) Ltd.
Accounting and Tax Services

In 2016, I approached Omne to assist and advise with the sake of my two construction companies.

Mr Simon White tabled deal-structure scenarios within ten days of my request, and this included financial feasibility studies and potential tax consequences. These options enabled me to more swiftly conclude a viable sale purchase agreement with the buyer to proceed with the preparation of sale documnets. These were presented to the buyers and their auditors for scrutiny and the deal was subsequently approved and concluded with minimal changed to the deal tabled. Mr White also assisted the buyers with securing a loan from Standard Bank. The process was efficiently guided by Omne- concluding within 3 months of my initial discussions, minimising the stresses and tensions associated with such a big personal transition. And I feel that the deal brokered by Mr White resulted in a “win-win” for both parties

I have also moved my personal tax and trust management to Omne. Ms Candice Mullins has restructured these accounts to be both more tax compliant and more tax efficient. In addition to very sound advice, she has also assisted our family with estate planning – redrafting our wills and advising on the structure and content of wish-lists. An asset schedule has been compiled for my estate that is reviewed twice a year in consultation with our financial advisors for CGT and estate duty adjustments. Omne also facilitates and annual general meeting with the trustees of my personal trust as well as assists with the governance processes of the trust. Omne also prepare annual financial statements and tax returns and submissions of my various entities ad my personal returns. I am incredibly pleased with and grateful for the continued sound and timeous advice received from Ms Mullins she comprehends our family needs well and navigates the personalities involved with much wisdom.

Cornelius Heunis

Werner De Jager

Accounting and Tax Services

Kwandwe Angus

Accounting and Tax Services

Our experience with the Omne to date has been one of smooth efficiency at an acceptable cost. The combination of personal affairs, family trusts and business interests makes for detailed structuring and complex administration. As an unqualified individual there is much that could be missed in terms of doing things in the most effective and compliant way. The service encompasses basic accounting, tax planning and reporting, but then goes way beyond: the ability to advise on the potential pitfalls of what one wants to do, and also to come to the client ahead of time in light of changes in legislation as they develop, thereby anticipating and managing our ongoing efficiency is perhaps their most significant value. These are things that individually one might not easily know until after the fact. Once adjustments have been made as necessary, they then regularly request documentation and updated information to ensure continued compliance. They have also facilitated the updating of our Wills to ensure that they remain clear given the changes that may have occurred.

All of this occurs under the umbrella of pre negotiated monthly fee; there are no further invoices unless we take something new that is outside of this remit for discussion and planning. This makes for a comfortable working relationship, controlled cost and in addition the people who do all of this are known to us; we have frequent contact with them. The relationship is both personal and professional.

We have looked at several new ventures and in each case have met with the Omne for advice. We know from experience the value of these planning meetings from the insight and detail that we have gained as to which avenues we might consider, what structures work best around the legalities of each specific industry and the various parties to be involved, and thereby how we might achieve our aims. Furthermore, once the plan has been established, the Omne has then facilitated the registration of companies, liaised with lawyers to ensure all is contractually in order, and arranged VAT registrations. On occasion they have already had existing companies on the shelf or belonging to clients who have been willing to pass them on, making for savings in time and cost.

I have been a client of the Omne for over ten years now and can confidently recommend others to trust them with their business.

Alex McLeod

It is with confidence that we leave all our financial requirements with Omne Their services cover a wide spectrum with a personal understanding of our business. Omne understands the bigger picture and moves with the times They have always been professional and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly they have been financially beneficial to our business

Mike Weeks

I have been a client of Omne for several years and long may it last! Thank you to their great team for giving me peace of mind in all financial aspects of my business, be it processing my employees monthly salaries, PAYE or my tax and VAT. They allow me to focus on running my business.

Helen Mackenzie

Oaktree Properties 
Accounting and Tax Services

Omne has become a trusted partner in our tax, finance and business affairs. Whether in assisting with the formation of my company, handling day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll, or navigating complex international tax scenarios, Omne has provided expertise and guidance. Over the past seven years, my business has grown in revenue and complexity, and they’ve been there every step of the way. I’ve always been able to trust their proactive, up-to-date expertise, and that’s taken away a lot of business management stress.

Omne were early to adopt cloud based accounting practices. Being in the Software business myself, there was a natural fit. They are always so helpful and friendly and they genuinely care. This personal, ethical approach is not something you can fake – I think they’ve built a great working environment and you feel that in every interaction.

Their turnaround time is always impressive and I’ve never felt left in the dark on deadlines or been surprised by tax payment requests. It’s allowed me to focus on my business knowing that the accounting details are in order. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Omne and I wish them all the best in the future years as they grow and continue to provide a wonderful service to their loyal customer base.

Oliver Rattue

Daphne Tim

John Varty

K2 Capital places great value in its long standing and successful relationship with Omne. The two companies share a common client-focused and solutions driven business philosophy. As a business that prides itself in the strength of its client relationships, K2 Capital has found it increasingly important to ensure that any professional associations we develop are done with firms and people who share a common value system and service ethic. In our association with Omne, we have found just such a partnership. Omne is more than just a brand. Under Candice and Simon’s stewardship, the business is an extension of the quality of the people that combine each day to deliver both technical knowledge and industry leading levels of service to its diverse client base. We have introduced clients to Omne with a varied suite of requirements and have no hesitation in recognising the success of these client collaborations. In an increasingly complex and ever-evolving world, Omne continually invest in staying abreast of legislative best practice and know how. We have been impressed with the clever use of technology in rolling out solutions to our clients. One of the competitive advantages they undoubtedly possess is the breadth of skills one is able to access when engaging with them. Our client requirements have spanned the full range of tax compliance, strategy and business consulting and we have always been impressed with the ability to access a the skills and knowledge to meet these requirements. By collaborating with Omne, K2 Capital is able to offer our clients a broader service offering while retaining each firms independence. We wish Candice, Simon and the whole Omne team success as they embark on this next exciting chapter of their journey.

Philip Knibbs

K2 Capital
Accounting and Tax Services

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