Tax & Estate Planning

Reduce your tax and plan for a brighter future

Whether you are an individual or a small to medium sized business, Omne is able to assist with up to date local and offshore tax and estate planning, structuring and opinions. This enables us to achieve the most efficient cash out from hard earned salaries and business earnings.
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Minimise Tax Payments. Maximise Estate Value.

Our comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary services will ensure the most tax efficient transfer of assets between generations whilst maximising the value of your estate at all times. We also offer exchange control solutions and emigration advisory services.

Tax Services

Tax is our speciality, and we can take care of all your tax requirements across multiple tax types. This includes income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), estate duty, donations tax, withholding tax, securities tax and employee’s tax to name a few. We have experience with various industries and different types of businesses, including small to medium companies, close corporations, joint ventures, non-profits, trusts, body corporates, voluntary associations, sole proprietors, partnerships, as well as co-operatives and branches, both resident and non-resident.

Tax Planning & Structuring

There is no better sight than hindsight. Many businesses think that tax planning is only applicable to large corporations but they are wrong. It is critical in any small business as well. A reputable and experienced tax professional should handle your tax planning.

Tax Consulting & Opinions

We have a team of experts who have the experience and know-how to provide written tax advice about the tax treatment and consequences of a particular transaction, or a tax position that is going to be taken by SARS on assessment. Tax opinions provide guidance as to how SARS and the courts are likely to treat a particular transaction or structure.

Estate Planning & Wills

We offer a comprehensive approach to estate planning. This will not only ensure the efficient transfer of assets between generations, but will do so in a way that maximises the value of your estate at all times.
This service includes:
  1. Consultation and structuring;
  2. The setup of trusts and related fiduciary services;
  3. The drafting of last will and testaments; and
  4. Executorships.

One of the most important aspects to plan for is cash flow on the death of a person. Assets that have been in families for generations often have to be sold to fund death taxes due to insufficient planning. Planning for one’s death protects heirs from having to make these difficult decisions. It allows for seamless transfer of assets to your heirs, especially when large indivisible assets are concerned.

Executorship and Deceased Estates

The last thing you want is for a stranger to take control of your assets after your death. An Executor should be a person who knows your financial affairs well. They should be a trusted accountant or tax advisor, who has been involved with your Estate Plan and is familiar with your financial and tax affairs is the most logical person to assist with the winding up of your deceased estate.

Exchange Control Solutions

The purpose of Exchange Control is to prevent the loss of foreign currency resources through transfers abroad of real or financial assets held in South Africa. There has been so much change to Exchange Control regulations since January of 2021, especially in relation to new offshore looping structure opportunities and financial emigration.

SARS Emigrations 

As of 1 March 2021, it is the South African Revenue Services (SARS), rather than the Reserve Bank, that controls the clearances to move your money out of the country on emigration. We can assist two categories of people, namely:
  1. Those people who were born in South Africa, but left many years ago and need to secure their “emigration” or non-residency status; and 
  2. Those people whose emigration is imminent. 
The process involves calculating, collating, and documenting all applicable information for the SARS application for Tax Emigration Clearance (TEC), calculating potential exit taxes, coordinating the transfer of funds through the Authorised Bank Dealers and follow-ups with SARS to ensure that a TEC can be obtained. There may also be the need to deregister for income tax in South Africa after the TEC has been obtained.

Foreign Investment Tax clearances 

South African legislation allows tax residents over 18 years of age, to send R11 million offshore each year. R1 million of this relates to the discretionary allowance, but the remaining R10 million will require a Foreign Investment Tax Clearance (FIA) from SARS before the commercial banks can send funds offshore. Omne is an expert at obtaining FIA’s. Omne is also able to assist with applications to gain special permission from the reserve bank to send more than R11 million offshore.

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